Rubber sawn timber

Furniture grade wood details

Quality wood to prepare
to pack. And send to customers
(consumers) both domestic and
foreign. The company will focus
on the quality of wood is the key.
For customers to use to meet the needs.
2″(55mm.) 5,4,3.5,3,2.5,2 1.00,1.10,1.25,1.30 AB
1.75″(52mm.) 5,4,3,1.75 1.00,1.10,1.25,1.30 AB
1.5″(43-45mm.) 5,4,3.5,3,2.5,2,1.5           1.00,1.10,1.25,1.30            AB
1.25″(40mm.) 5,4,3.5,3,2.5,1.25 1.00,1.10,1.25,1.30 AB
1″(30-31mm.) 4,3,2.5,2,1.5,1 1.00,1.10,1.30 AB
0.5″(24-26mm.) 4,3.5,3,2.5,2,1.5 1.00,1.10,1.30 AB,C
0.375″(17-18mm.)             3,2,1.5,1 1.00,1.10,1.30 AB,C

                    And the factory also has other wood used for pallets. And blockbord If interested, please contact the factory directly.